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Alexander Smith or Sandy as he is better known was born a country boy on the morning of the 29th September 1951 just outside of the rural village of Kilmacolm in Renfrewshire Scotland.
At the age of five Sandy started school at Quarrier s Orphan Homes and it was at Quarriers Orphan Homes Sandy’s mother worked as a relief cottage auntie.

Due to Sandy’s mother suffering from ill health his mother was taken into hospital and as Sandy’s father worked long ours Sandy became one of Quarriers children but Sandy never thought of himself as a Quarriers child as he had a father and mother and he only lived there from a Sunday evening to a Friday afternoon after his schoolwork had finished.
It was on Sand’s first day at school he met little Miss Jayne Taylor and from that day Sandy and Jayne became very good friends later to become boyfriend-girlfriend.

At the age of fourteen Quarriers removed Jayne and her younger sister and brother from there care and took them back home to live with there abusive father as he had failed to keep up payments for the keep and it was only two weeks previously Jayne’s father had written to Quarriers to put his children up for adoption as he did not want them.
During Jaynes eleven years in Quarriers her father only visited his children once and from the day Jayne was removed from the orphanage she never seen Sandy again but Sandy did want Jayne to be his wife so after starting work Sandy went back to the orphanage to get information on where Jayne had been taken but the orphanage would not give Sandy this information.

Forty-eight years later Sandy found a website on his computer that was set up for adults who as children had spent time in Quarriers and as Sandy went through the list he found many of his Quarrier s brothers and sisters that he knew from his days in Quarriers.

One name that did bring a tear to Sandy’s eye was when he seen the name of his long lost girlfriend Jayne and he discovered Jayne was living in Dundee and it was from Dundee Jayne and her sister and brother had been taken almost 100 miles to become Quarriers children so Sandy contacted Jayne and today there love for each other continues and this time around there love for each other will be everlasting.

After Sandy met Jayne they went back to the orphanage to relive there childhood days and sit by the River Gryffe where as young teenagers they would sit talking about there future together but it took forty-eight years for there future together to begin.


During there visit to Quarriers Orphan Homes Sandy confessed to Jayne that he had been one of the many victim of child physical and sexual abuse at the age of eight years of age in this orphanage and for over fifty years he had kept this hidden from family and friends.

Unknowing to Sandy Jayne was also a victim of child abuse in the same children’s orphanage and together Sandy and Jane started finding out just how many others had been abused in Quarriers and through this it gave birth to Don’t Tell Anyone Scotland later to be changed to Justice For Children UK.

Sandy and Jane then joined forces with Andy & Joanne Peacher as they knew it was a step in the right direction to gain the truth and justice not just for themselves but for the others they support.
Sandy’s hobby’s include fishing and fundraising but his main interest is in music along with poetry and art and also photography and Sandy has had many of his poems put into print and he was asked by a support charity to have his poetry and art on display at an event in Edinburgh in September 2017 and also Jayne had her poems on display at this event.     http://www.justiceforchildren.info/s-c-a-r-scottish-child-abuse-rally-6th-septemeber-2018/

Sandy and Jayne will also have there poems put into print in a new book due for release in 2018 and Jayne’s hobby’s include art, photograph, knitting and writing poetry.

Poems & Art

So today Sandy and Jayne along with Andy and Joanne Peacher fight for all victims of child physical and sexual abuse to gain truth and justice and by working with other well known support groups Justice For Children UK have proven themselves to be one of the best support groups in the UK when it comes to support.


Andy was born in Peterborough england in 1966 left the area in 1984 to find love in Glasgow after his early days in hotel work in Scotland he met joanne and has been married to her and been her carer for 25 years he now resides in thurso in caithness.

Andy Enjoys Music a daily radio show on freedom talk radio and now working for the Justice for children team who will help you  in any way they can.

Andy had lost his 2 children to child care services and now adult care due to a lack of support and very complex health needs he feels its time to support others as his wife was a victim of child sexual abuse andy him self had issues with sexual assault when he was young.

We all can give and receive a new start with our team  this is possible day and night we are here for you.

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