Justice For Children Uk Aims & Objectives

Justice For Children Uk Aims & Objectives.

I Sandy Smith along with my partner Jayne Taylor and our very good friends Andy and Joanne Peacher joined and linked to found Justice For Children UK.

Our main aim at Justice For Children UK is to give support to victims of child sexual abuse and to turn victims into survivors then thrivers then finaly Warriors and we offer all this for “FREE

I along with Jayne and Andy and Joanne know the affects child abuse has on your life as we were all victims of abuse ourself so we use our past to help others come from victim to survivor to thriver to warrior.

Yes and a very big “YES” it takes time to be that warrior but all this is done at your pace but in the end with our support you will become that warrior.

A very Familliar Story Back in the 50s 60s 70s 80s etc.


Not only do we give support to victims of child sexual abuse we also fight for truth and justice and recently we managed to get Quarriers Orphan Homes to admit they knew children were getting abused and to also to get Quarriers to give an apology which they did at the first day of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in Edinburgh on the 31st May 2017.


We are also working with Quarriers today to find out why they removed the little children’s hadstones from the children’s resting place in the graveyard at Quarriers as no child should be left for ever more in an unmarked grave.


By working with Quarriers we have found out that there were 335 little children earend there hevenly golden wings during there time in the care of Quarriers and out of these 335 only 80 were laid to rest in the graveyard at Quarriers as the others were taken by family members to family burial grounds.

Today we know that by our concerns at Justice For Children UK and by working with Quarriers and other historical child abuse institutions  in an amicable way we can make a difference and in the Quarriers Example of whats been achieved so far  those 80 little children will have there headstones replaced and no more will they be left the forgotten children.

We also hoping to meet and work with the Scottish Government to see if they will work with us to protect our children of today and of the future so please look through our website and get to know us and it is our prayer at Justice For Children UK we never need to support you or any member of your family but please remember we are “Here For You” if you need our support.

Love and respect to all,
Sandy, Jayne, Andy and Joanne,
Justice For Children UK

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