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Justice for wee joanne thomson 1977 to 1981 Nazereth House Cardonald.

I Was All Alone Help Me I had just a teddy .


My Story is written by my husband Andy Peacher is as follows  i left my mums care in 1969 1 year after i was born i was never released in to the community untill around 1988.

My Mum Alice Thomson and my dad John Boomer Thomson who i had never met split soon after i was born my mum put me and my sister Pauline Thomson  in to care no less than 22 times for me alone.

So back and forwards we would go to care homes such as nazereth house i was there 2 times whitegates and kames castle on rothesay Inver house in easterhouse glasgow.

I went in to care 21 times due to mum unable to cope with her drug habits then her disibilitites 1 time we had to go to court as mum gave  me her drugs and dog food for tea.

On 2 ocassions i thought my life was ended when kay adams who was employed by glasgow city council a care worker  raped me and beat me on more than 2 occasions she verbally abused me for weeks.

Kay Adams ruined my life she broke my foot she put a broken stick in my vagina and told me do not tell she got pleasure in raping me the song on the radio was the commodores 3 times a lady that song still haunts me today in 2018.

The other time was inver house where my room door was entered by a priest he told me also do not tell it will be quick he asked me and helped me too take off my pants then thank god there was  anoice he went out the room quickly that night i stayed with my sister in her room she cried all night long but she never knew i was abused she has never spoken about that night i fear she may of not been so lucky since she left care she has been on medication a lot longer than i have been.


I was so alone even split up from my sister most of the time i had to learn to defend myself and stay alive one time i hit my teacher mrs wardall from the speacial needs school St Aidens in glasgows east end  over the head with a chair after that we was the best of friends she was the only one who showed me love and the way to lead a good life.

I went home to see my mum some weekends when i was older i had lots of time with my mum and sister i never told either of them about my abuse in care  but on the broken ankle ocassion my mum did punch kay adams lights out.

My mum at this point in 1988/89 when i left care had heart attacks and was in a wheel chair she had also a brain hemorage then brain cancer so when i met Andy Peacher in 1992 and married 2 months later  my mum hated him as he was english and she hated his friend john who took pauline away sadly pauline become unwell needing mental health support then and still is needing help today.

I married Andy My mum then made me keep a secret i wish now i hadnt she was dying and when as a adult i was raped in strathclyde park in motherwell around 2001 we had  our 2 children Aaron & Kirsty what a shock for me andy and the family my mum said she didnt care so Andy decided that we should move back to england and forget my mum. I had kept her secret a few years ago paulines son found us on the internet and told us mum had died it really broke me and i still yearn for my mum crying at times for her to love me again.

I wish i had told andy i knew he would of done whats best for me and my mum.

In 2001.2002 i reported my abuse to the police later on they couldnt secure a conviction at all so all of my rapes will go unpunished . I wasnt able to tell andy about my rapes for 10 years of being married we never had sex untill 5 years of being married the trauma still hurts but i know i was just a child sadly it shouldnt hurt being a child.

In 2006 i lost my 2 children in care and now 2018 they are still in care under adult protection for no real reason sadly.

I have only ever wanted to enjoy life but since my children left a piece of me had died i can forgive my mum as im sure she would of regreted placing us in care i cant forgive my abusers and the authorities who let them abuse me.

I have been on mental health drugs now for over 12 years i have been in and out of jail as this whole life has made me crazy no one ever cares about me only my family and Andy do and 2 little new friends from justice for children uk my long lost brother Sandy & His partner Jayne with out them i would have no one outside my very small circle.


I appeal for anyone who went to the care homes that i did to come forward  did you know sister gerrard or kay adams they worked together in my cottage.

Did you know me back then ?

Email Andy



Last year, Peter Blaney, 54, was jailed for six years for sexually abusing two brothers at the home 30 years ago.


Evil nun Sister Alphonso was found guilty on four counts of cruelty to children in her care, over 35 years. Victims were beaten and force-fed.


Hundreds of former residents have come forward with claims of horrific abuse in the home, run by the Poor Sisters of Nazareth. The religious order is worth pounds 154million.



Former residents claim they were beaten, force-fed and made to wear soiled underwear on their heads. They claim they were scrubbed with strong disinfectant until their flesh bled and burned.

The Scottish Cild Abuse Inquiry April 24th Nazereth House Chapter.


My Story






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