How to rescue millions of children and adults from abuse

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How can we stop the pandemic of child abuse and other corruptions

endemic across powermongers controlling our societies ?

There are millions of people across the globe working very hard

to stop the abuses and rescue children and parents. The scale is literally a world war.

The network of psychopaths controlling and maintaining child abuses

are entrenched within the very authorities that control the power strings. They

have evolved over centuries to put in place strong mechanisms to keep things

covered up and to ensure they themselves are close to unaccountable.

Can you imagine being trained for centuries by the best schools, colleges,

universities, military training schools ? That is what the core of this collective monster

has achieved. It knows too well how to coerce, manipulate and brutalise those

who would expose it.

You may think I’m a ranter, or a nutter, but the evidence I have experienced and come into contact with is pretty hard in it’s conclusions. As a physicist and mathematician and highly trained manager, I’m not easily fooled when the evidence is readily available.

All I ask is for people to scratch the surface and realise there is a very bad smell.

How can we stop the collective monster ?

Well, here is a lovely demonstration of the clever unstoppable technique in nature
to conquer the territory of that which came before it.

Before the angiosperms, the message of life had to be forcefully carried directly.,

and then,

nature learned that if you make self contained packages with –

  1. the right message,
  2. a protective layer,
  3. basic nourishment,
  4. sent out at the right time

then, they will succeed on a grande scale,

I ask everyone to expose and report the abuses that are being created,

assisted, allowed, covered up by police, social services, CPS, judiciary, MP’s.

Here’s one of my contributions –


and there’s a lot more to come.


A father tortured by English government employees to silence himwhile fighting to rescue his children from abusers and being criminally prevented from rescuing the children.even when there is lots of evidence and witnesses – one of the children

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