S.C.A.R. Scottish Child Abuse Rally Edinburgh Holyrood 6th Septemeber 2018

Edinburgh Holyrood
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The Tongues Of Silence Be No More.

Brothers and sisters

Let us link and all stand tall

For standing alone

We will fall.

Fighting together

To put what was so wrong right

So let us fight together

And let others hear our plight.

Yes we were the children

Of such abuse

The forgotten children

Who were battered and used.

Some raped some beaten

And left all alone

Some of us in orphanages

And some in our own home.

So come and join us

One and all

Let us link together

As divided we will fall.

Yes just like you I was abused

And for many years

I was frighten to say

I was a child that was missuses.

So let our tongues of silence be no more

And link with us today

To save our children from wearing

The shoes we once wore.

Written by,

Sandy Smith.

Justice For Children UK.





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Get Up Stand Up is a collective of orginizations and individuals raising awareness of serious child abuse.
Join Us for a action packed afternoon of speakers and much much more.
Whether you raise awareness of historic child sexual abuse domestic violence forced adoptions then this event is for you this event is for the children.

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