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Poems By Survivors 

This is a poem that was written by Jayne Taylor of Justice For Children UK when Jayne was only ten years of age after being abused in Quarriers Orphan Homes.

So Many Fears.

Just a little girl so scared and small
No one to turn to no one at all
No one to hold me and dry away my tears
No one to hug me and ease my fears.

No one to tell me I will be alright
No one to hear my cries in the night

All alone in this big dark place
Feeling my tears as they ran down my face.

Hoping and praying it’s all just a dream
But I open my eyes and see a face i’ve not seen

I’m scared and i’m lonely and feeling so sad
Yes I am in an orphanage

As I have no mum or dad.

So is there anyone who can see me or here me
Or is there no one who loves me or even cares
As no one sees me as I say my prayers.

Is there no one there can anyone hear
For I am just a young girl with so many fears
Left all alone in a orphanage under a new mummy’s care
Yes I am a child with so many fears.


Written by,
Jayne Taylor.


Mend The Soul.

Look back at life and take time to see
Is this what life should really be
Adults ruling thinking they know best
Not really caring and knowing less.
Life takes over and the child gets lost
Conform to the rules and remember who is boss
Adults think that they have a right off control
But really they don’t know
What’s good for the soul.
Children lost and crying in fear
Not wanting to show weakness
And shed one tear
But they truly don’t know what
Is good for the soul.
I look at the innocence still being lost
When will adults stop
And at what cost
How many children
Are still living in fear
As what we are doing
Is not right for the soul.
So many children disgaurded
Like trash
So many others in a constant rush
Never taking time
To make the children feel whole
Please work with the children
And mend there soul.
Written by,
Jayne Taylor.
Justice For Children UK.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poems/teen/abuse/

Sold By Mother For Money

This is a poem about how I was sold for money by my own mom. I’m ten years old and finally ran away and got help. I let it go three years. And now I’m in foster care.


© Kari

Published: January 2009

Shut your mouth and listen to what I have to say,
I’m going to take you back to that one specific day.
I was laying in bed alone while listening to you and him talk on the phone.
You said, “Well if they have the money I don’t see why not,
She’ll be ready by 9 o’clock”
You came in and said it’s time to get up,
Shower well and I’ll make you pretty with make up.
In a pretty white dress and hair done to match,
You told me I’m a breath-taking catch.
I sat on the couch waiting with you,
But what was in store for me I had no clue.
They came in, three men.
I will never forget the sight of them.
They tossed you a wad of money,
while grabbing my hand and saying come with me honey.
I didn’t want to go but you made me,
You let them rape me for money!!
I cried and tried to run away,
But you helped them push me on the bed and screamed STAY!
You said to be a good little girl or I’ll make you sad,
So I shut my mouth and let them do the things that were bad.
I was only 7 years old and already my innocents was lost,
You needed the money but at what cost?
Every day those men came over and brought more,
Each time you just watched at the door.
I ran away at the age of eight,
Why was I put into this fate?
I was ashamed of what was done,
So of course I could tell no one.
The day you found me you said things changed,
That I won’t have to do those things.
Well mom it was that way for a month then you started again,
through the door each day came the men and their friends.
Well I’m ten now and things got to come to an end,
You see I became a “woman” at the age of 9 with my monthly “friend”.
Tonight while you’re asleep I’m packing my bag to quietly leave,
But I want you to know that while the men were doing their “deed”,
One of them impregnated me with their seed

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/sold-by-mother-for-money

Child Sexual Abuse

Helpless, and unexpecting.
Innocent then innocence taken away.
Loving and trusting children being made to
Do things against their will and having
Sexual things done to them.
Evil revealing itself in different ways and
X-pecting children not to say anything. an
Unkind and uncaring human being torturting
A defenseless, innocent child.
Long lasting effects of the
Abuse is what the survivor will endure all
Because some people are just plain sick and
Uncaring. full of threat
Sexual predators stay away; we wish. there’s no
Excuse for hurting and sexual abusing a child.




old writing script with ink feather tool – vector illustration

Poems By Sandy Smith.

Dear Mr. Abuser.

Dear Mr. Abuser

Did you ever think what you had done

As you stripped and raped me

When it was time for you to have your fun.

And after you had your fun

How you then beat me black and blue

So Mr. Abuser let me tell you today

How my childhood and adulthood life

Was destroyed because of you.

For over fifty years my life was destroyed

For you were that man that destroyed not just my life

But that of so many other young girls

And that of so many other young boys.

So Mr. Abuser although you are dead

I want you to know about the life I have lead

And how many a night I woke up screaming

With those memory’s of you I was dreaming.

And Mr. Abuser did you know I tried to commit suicide

And for many years protected you with secrets I did hide

And did you know I was locked away in a secure psychiatric hospital

Where I had been sectioned

Yes Mr Abuser I was put in a place like that

For my own protection.

Yes Mr. Abuser you know my words are true

And today I speak up for my brothers and sisters

Who were abused by you

For no more am I one of your children to be abused

For today I am proud to say

I Am A Survivor Of Being A Child Of Sexual Abuse.

Written By,

Sandy Smith.



My Brothers In Arms.

My brothers in arms we stand side by side

fighting for truth and justice with dignity and pride.

Fighting together we fight so hard fighting for truth and justice

and the memory’s we have scarred.

So come my brothers in arms and lets fight today

for being brothers in arms is our only way.

For no more should a child be abused and harmed

so let us fight for our children as brothers in arms.

Written by, Sandy Smith,

Justice For Children


Dear Younger Me. 




             A Child With A Broken Chain.

In life we all have a chain that is linked From friends and family

We are all linked So how would you feel if your child’s chain was broken

And your child was raped and beaten And there words to you never spoken.

One in four children have there life destroyed And that includes girls and also includes boys

So how long will it take you to understand Every child should be given a helping hand.

Yes I was a child that was raped and beaten And I kept all this locked away Deep inside and deeply hidden

And like being stabbed and scared by a knife  I have suffered deeply throughout my life.

So how long will it take you to understand Every child should not suffer as I did

But be given a helping hand So will you just sit there time and time again

Or will you stand up and help a child repair its life That has a broken chain.

Written by Sandy Smith.

Justice For Children.

Stone Walls.


Stone walls around the orphanage

to keep the children locked inside

stone walls around the orphanage

where many children were robed of there dignaty

and also of there pride.


No one knows the path of life I have walked
but many have put there foot in my shoes
and felt how tiered and worn out live can be

on the path of life

behind those stone walls.


Thouse stone wall hold many secrets

those stone walls never before there story told

but behind those stone walls

many children were abused

and over the decades increased six fold.


Each time I see those stone walls

I see children being abused

raped and beaten black and blue

but to the outside world

no one had a clue.


Yes behind those stone walls

my childhood died

and my story never told

for fear of telling anyone

was forst into me

behind those stone walls.


Written By,

Sandy Smith.

Justice For Children UK.




Poems By Tom.

If only….

if only we hadn’t contaminated innocence
and the deepest darkness still shone so black
that the very stars sparkled in their total beauty
where rain clouds danced with rainbows
and love was so pure it glowed so in the daylight
leaving leaves singing songs from the start of time
as dewey grass grows up between our excited toes
and now, yes, only now, could a heart sing true
joined by a chorus of every cell in harmony
yes, here is the innocence of creation unfolded
So, sit quietly, no, sit silently, stop the random head
and listen to the songs of existence, inviting you
to be that innocent child again, in all its beauty
if only you dared, if only you..